My name is Clare, I’m 30-something and I’m from Liverpool, UK. I live with my boyfriend Gary, who has two children from a previous relationship; they share their time between our house and their mum’s.

The name ‘Sutz Manchego’ is a random pet-name my boyfriend gave me. It basically evolved from my surname ‘Sutton’ and grew into me occasionally being referred to as ‘The Human Cheese’. Yes – my boyfriend is strange (but lovable!)

I like reading Thrillers & Biographies. My favourite author of the past few years is Simon Kernick. I love watching movies but have far too many favourites to mention. One of my life-loves is Liverpool FC who I’ve been supporting since I was a kid. My hobbies are Crafting, Cooking and I’m a novice gardener. I love spending time with my boyfriend and seeing my little Niece, Maya, and the family dog, Paddy.

I dislike TV soaps, poor grammar and/or punctuation, cucumbers, insects (except ladybirds) and I hate flying.

I’ve had depression and anxiety for around five years now (though the anxiety has been on-and-off since my teens) and I’ve recently acquired the nightmare that is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Living with both of these things can bring about a massive onset of fluctuating emotions for me so I started this blog with the hope that it will help me to learn to deal with the things I go through from day to day. I often find it hard to cope so having somewhere to vent is important.

I also use this blog to showcase my cooking skills (‘showcase’ might be stretching it!) and my crafting skills though I’m not massively confident I’m any good! Thankfully I’ve found lots of inspiration via blogs as well as on YouTube and Pinterest.

So whether you are a crafter, a blogger or someone living with similar medical issues to  me, I hope you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to contact me or comment on any of my posts.

Thanks for visiting!

Sutz xxx


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