My name is Clare, I’m 30-something and I’m from Liverpool, UK. I live with my boyfriend of five years, and his two children from a previous relationship share their time equally between our house and their mum’s.

I like reading Thrillers and Biographies, watching movies, Liverpool FC, Crafting, Cooking, spending time alone with my boyfriend and seeing my little Niece and the family dog, Paddy.

I dislike TV soaps, bad grammar, cucumbers, my job and the word “loo” (shudder).

Sutz Manchego is a nickname given to me several years ago (an alter ego, if you will!) I’m hoping I’ll be able to display the side of me that is often hidden from people who I see everyday.

On a lighter note, I’ll also be posting my crafting projects. Again this is something that not many people know that I do since I’m not massively confident I’m any good! Thankfully I’ve found lots of inspiration via blogs as well as on YouTube and Pinterest.


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