Food · Happy Times

Valentine’s Day

Just thought I’d share the nice meal I made for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. He did like the card I made 🙂 

He got me a lovely card and some tulips (which are my favourite flowers) which cheered me right up 🙂


My gift to him was a nice meal. I made Fillet Steak with roast tomatoes, steamed asparagus and fried potatoes. I made a Creamy Cava & Mustard sauce to go with it. 


If I do say so myself, the food was lovely! For afters we had some chocolate melt-in-the-middle puddings with pistachio ice-cream. There are no pictures of this because we ate it too quickly!!!

So we had a nice night! My footy team Liverpool were playing too so that was our ‘romantic’ thing we watched haha – they won 5-0 so it definitely made us happy!


Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day too! 

Sutz xxx

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