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Back Here Again.

Well I’ve not had the best time in 2017; started off badly, went okay then ended worse!

My health hasn’t been brilliant; although my mental health issues improved, my physical health didn’t go too well and I’ve ended up with RA which can cripple me at times. I’m slowly learning to deal with it but days like today (when I’m off work with bad arms, shoulders, hands and knees) it really gets to me and I end up going into a bit of a bubble where I don’t want to do anything or go anywhere. I’ve put on loads of weight which was the exact opposite of what I was hoping to do in 2017. Subsequently, I’m pretty low on confidence right now.

So I’ve decided to give myself a break. I’m taking things I learned in CBT and trying to organise myself without putting a ton of pressure on myself.

I’m going to have monthly goals rather than weekly ones. If I make 5 different plans and by the end of the month I’ve only achieved 3, then i’ll just roll those over rather than punishing myself for not completing all of my objectives.

For January, I have the following goals:-

  • Start eating healthy to try and get myself into better shape
  • Finish off the Proof Reading & Copy-Editing course I bought last January (!)
  • Make a bunch of Valentine’s Cards & Baby Cards
  • Clean out my wardrobe so that I’m not constantly looking at clothes that don’t fit me
  • Go for one 30 minute walk per week

I’m hoping I can have at least 2 of these done, come the end of the month.

I’ve planned to sit and study to complete the course that needs to be done by 30th January (preferably I want it to be done by next week so I can get the assignments sent off for assessment)

I’m going back to Slimming World on Wednesday so that’s a start with the healthy eating. Absolutely terrified of seeing what I now weigh but I have to bite the bullet otherwise nothing will improve.

I can make some cards in my free time; the only problem is that it’s hard to do anything when the joints in my fingers and hands are playing up. So this one I’m hopefully going to achieve with the aid of painkillers.

Come February, I just want to feel more positive than I do now. Fingers Crossed!


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