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Wobble Week

Well I’ve been off work again – had a panic attack on Monday morning and couldn’t really face it. And as usual, the anxiety gives the depression a new lease of life so I’ve gone back into my shell. I haven’t left the house all week and I’m thinking I’ll probably not leave it all weekend either. I’ve managed to venture out into the garden a couple of times (though mainly to hang out the washing!) but mainly I’ve been sat in the house trying to keep myself occupied.

The one thing I’ve managed to do that’s positive is keep on top of my diet. I’ve made a few new things and I’ve took the ‘more protein, less carbs’ approach. I’ve always been a bit dubious about cutting out carbs; having done Slimming World where this isn’t necessary, I’ve always thought they were needed to keep you feeling full-up. Well this seemed to work a while back; whether this was because I was younger or because I wasn’t on medication at that point remains to be seen. Either way, Slimming World hasn’t been working for me the past couple of times I’ve done it. So I did a bit of research online and found loads of protein-rich recipes, along with some exercises I can do at home if I’m not up to going to the gym, and I have to say I’ve felt a hell of a lot better – physically – in the past week than I’ve felt in a long time.

I’ve felt less bloated and lethargic and I’ve even not been as tired in the mornings.

I’ve not had any white pasta or rice, nor have I had any bread. I’ve replaced these things with ‘healthier’ carbs such as red rice, cous cous and sweet potatoes. Or I’ve used butternut squash as my ‘carb.’

I definitely feel a bit slimmer; the clothes that I own that did fit me are now a little looser. I still can’t get into anything smaller so my wardrobe is still full of stuff I can’t wear. But at least it’s a step in the right direction.

I’ve started making smoothies too. Whereas on Slimming World, smoothies are really high-syn, with a high-protein diet, they’re good to have after exercise or as a quick way of adding protein when I’ve been having only salads for lunch.

So here’s a few pics of some food I’ve made: some of the photos don’t do the food justice (presentation isn’t my strong-point!) but they tasted really good!

List of meals:-

So it’s been a positive week for my physical health but not the best for my mental health. I s’pose you can’t have everything!

Hopefully, I can carry on eating and exercising and it will rub off on my brain!
Sutz x

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