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Busy Busy Busy…

So I’ve not had much time to myself lately so have neglected writing as well as everything else!

I’ve had some lovely days out and trips (London, Aintree Races, Drinks with Friends, Drinks with Mum & Dad, Date Night with G-Rob…) and have basically been trying to enjoy myself as much as I can!

Work is a chore (obviously) – not because of the work, but mainly because there’s been a couple of days where I felt really low but had to go in anyway. A lot of my ‘bad’ days tended to be full of anger rather than sadness or apathy. It’s hard working with people when all you want to do is scream at them!

I’ve been exhausted a lot of the time too; trying my hardest to stay awake with a combination of coffee and distraction. I’ve had my B12 injection which I’m not sure has made any difference. I did about an hour’s gardening yesterday and felt so exhausted afterwards that I felt sick. Also, my joints in my hands have been really hurting so that was quite hard :-\

It’s finally sunny enough to do gardening though which is good because ours is a mess! So many weeds. We’ve given ourselves a time-frame to have it done by mid-July. It’s my Dad’s 70th on 24th so I’ve said we’ll have a party here on 22nd so basically it needs to be done by then!

I’ve also been going to the gym – not half as much as I’ve wanted to but everytime I have gone I’ve felt a lot better about myself. I lost 3lbs the last time I weighed myself so that’s good. It’s just so hard though! And Easter is totally not the time to eat healthy!

The boyf has got to have another procedure this Thursday so he needs to go on a non-green veg diet all week which will be quite difficult since I LOVE green veg but we’ve decided to do this together so I’ll mostly be making things full of tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, squash etc. Hopefully this combined with the gym will mean I’ll lose some more weight.

My target is 9 stone 7 lbs but I very much doubt this will be done quickly so if I can get to 10 stone by the time I go on holiday in September, I’ll be soooooooo happy!

My first weigh-in was 12 stone 1 lb (heaviest I’ve ever been!) but now I’m 11 stone 12 lbs which is an improvement but I have a long way to go considering my body is absolutely rubbish at shedding weight. I’ve found it really really difficult the past couple of years. I’ve decided to weigh myself every two weeks so my next weigh-in will be Thursday 4th May.

Anyway, I have a busy day today – need to go to B&Q (the joy) then do some more weeding in the garden, then we’re off to watch the footy in the pub then our lovely next-door neighbours have invited us over for a BBQ 🙂

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