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February in a Nutshell

Well February has been a bit of a weird one… I finally went back to work, albeit it at reduced hours for now. Not particularly at ease with this but definitely needed to get back into a routine. And of course it was nice to see some of my work colleagues again as well as me good mate JG who I’ve missed to pieces!

I’ve started feeling a bit positive this month; mainly I feel like I’ve got a vague plan of action for a few things: I’m taking an interesting course, I’ve got a healthy eating and exercise plan in place, we’ve booked a holiday, and we have a few things planned for the year. 

I also have managed to get a few things done during February. Nothing huge mind, but positive steps for me!

Things that made me smile this month:

1) My boyfriend, who has been so great in looking after me and cheering me up. He knows exactly when to give me space, and exactly when to give me encouragement. Big up the G-Rob – love him to bits. 

2) Valentine’s day when despite the fact that he had a hospital appointment in the morning, the Boyf got me some nice presents, a boss card and we enjoyed a lovely meal (made by moi) and had a nice cosy evening together. 

3) This little fella…


Paddy is literally my favourite ever creature. I wish he was here right now for a cuddle the wee ball of fluff! I’m actually getting to mind him on Friday/Saturday when my parents go away for the weekend. Can’t wait!

4) A lovely thank you card from my fabulous friend, Jane. She got married to her man on 23rd December and I made them a wedding book for which I got this nice card through the post. I LOVE getting actual physical mail that isn’t a bill or a bank statement! They also enclosed this lovely pic of them when they got married. I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing since I have like, 3 followers hahaha…


5) Meeting up with my friend Jo for lunch a couple of times. I hadn’t seen her for ages and it was lovely to have a catch-up 🙂 I love this girl 🙂

6) Spending time with my Brother, Nick, his girlfriend Anne and my baby niece Maya. We went to my brother’s house to hang out and play some board games; Anne and I decided we had a competitive streak which we needed to deal with. Turns out I’m not as competitive as she is! 

7) And finally – sad I know – but the fact that my favourite craft company, Lawn Fawn, had brought out a whole new bunch of products that went on sale on 23rd Feb. I immediately had to buy something. There was loads of build up for these products and so many to choose from but I went for these two in the end (bought the matching dies too!):-

I’ll be making some new cards using these very soon 🙂 

So all in all, it was a hell of an improvement on January! 

March should be a good one. I’m always really reluctant to look forward to something in case it all goes wrong which ends up with me blaming myself for expecting too much! It’s my birthday in March and me & the Boyf are going to London for a few days. He’s got us tickets to see The Who play the whole ‘Tommy’ album at the Royal Albert Hall so I really am excited for this! It’s also my niece’s 3rd birthday in March so we’ll meet up with family for that which should be nice. I’ll also be meeting up with my friend Jo again, hopefully a few times, so it feels like I’m actually doing productive and fun things :):):)

I hope everyone had a nice February and your March is full of happy times with friends and family!

Sutz xxx

One thought on “February in a Nutshell

  1. Loved reading your February summary. 🙂 You had some really positive things going on!!! Yay! What a lovely wedding gift you made for your friends. Is that a pic of them looking at it? So cool….and what a wonderful heartfelt thank you note they sent you. Sweet!!!

    I hope your March is every bit as good as your February…or even better! Do we even dare for that? lol…
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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