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All About the Food (part 1)

Today is a culinary treat for the masses. It’s Global Scouse Day and Pancake Day!

So… this means that I’ve been in the kitchen making some healthy and not-so-healthy foods to commemorate this fact.

As an aside – my healthy eating is going fairly well so far. I still haven’t managed to put up a post with my weight/measurements because I haven’t yet taken my measurements so didn’t want to half-start something. The post will happen at some point though!

Since last week I’ve mostly stuck to my eating plan: the only exception being on Saturday when I went to my Brother’s house and we ended up ordering chippy. So I’m allowing this one slip.

The exercising hasn’t been going too well though because I’ve somehow hurt my neck in my sleep! It’s been feeling really tight for a few weeks and it’s now got to the point when I’m in quite a lot of pain. I’m going to see a Physio tomorrow who will hopefully help me to sort it out once and for all. Then I’m going to join a gym which is absolutely terrifying for me as I’m really self-conscious. But my Boyf is in the same gym and has vowed to come with me whenever I go and as an absolute bonus, it turns out my friend Jane has also become a member so this means I can arrange to go with her too 🙂

So… back to Scouse and Pancake Day!

After work I made the trip to Aldi for the ingredients to the taste-sensation that is Scouse. An hour later I was vigorously trying to put a knife through a swede (the vegetable, not a Scandinavian.) I swear to God, there is no easy way to chop up one of those things. It doesn’t help that I can barely move my neck like, but still, maximum effort was needed. I floured and browned off the beef, chopped a couple of onions and then peeled and chopped a whole bag of carrots and half a bag of potatoes. Then I had to clean up since there were vegetable peelings all over the kitchen (I am so messy when it comes to peeling). I wacked the onions in the pan I browned the beef in, added the swede and carrot and then put the beef back in. I covered it all with water and crumbled some beef stock cubes into the pan, shoved in the potatoes, and a tablespoon of mixed herbs later there was a massive pan of Scouse simmering away on the hob. It’s still there since it’s a slow event. But it smells like a dream. Only another 45 mins to go and it will be ready (it really helps to make this stuff the night before but since I had to go shopping first, I had no choice and now I’m DYING to eat it!)


In addition, it’s Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday to be exact) so all the healthy benefits of the Scouse will be wiped out later on this evening. I’m trying my best not to have a pancake before the Scouse, even though I can smell them because my step-kids are here and they’ve had some (Zoe tells me she’s had 3 already) It’s killing me. They smell sooooo good!

Technically in the UK we have crepes, and not American-style pancakes, so the batter is easier to make (my go-to recipe is 3 large eggs, 125g plain flour and 250ml milk.) And I have Golden Syrup on mine or if the mood takes me I go traditional with sugar & lemon. Oh I want one NOW!

And we do the whole ‘tossing the pancake’ thing so hopefully my pancake won’t end up on the ceiling or the floor 🙂


Pictures will follow of both the Scouse of Dreams and the Pancakes of Necessity.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Scouse/Pancakes and if you’re not, WHY NOT???

Sutz xxx


One thought on “All About the Food (part 1)

  1. Sounds delicious!!! Wow…you did a TON of peeling and prepping, esp considering your neck is killing you. Yowch!! I am loving the cultural education I am getting from your posts!!! 🙂
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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