Just Because

Monday (again)

Well today I’ve decided to leave the house on my own and do something productive. I’m going to venture to the local library and start on my Proof Reading course which I’m actually quite excited about.

I feel a bit nervous since I’ve not really been out much on my own (not at all really – unless you count doctors appointments) but I reckon that going to the library will at least be quiet and calm so there should be minimal cause for anxiety.

In other news, me and the Boyf managed to actually book a holiday yesterday! We’ve booked a week in Spain in September; the Costa Brava, to be exact. It’s in a resort which I don’t normally go for but I decided that maybe it will be good to just not have to think about what we’re doing each day and have everything pre-paid. It’ll be nice to just have a laugh and sit by the pool in the day and then go explore the bars and restaurants at night. The resort is also not that far from Barcelona and I know there’s a train station really close to the hotel we’ve booked so we can go and visit Barcelona if we want. I know it’s ages away but it’ll take us that long to pay for it!


So I’m feeling a little bit more positive today – more so than I have in a while. I’m meeting a friend for lunch on Wednesday too which again is something to look forward to.

I have to go back to see my doctor on Thursday afternoon so he can assess whether I’m okay to go back to work. I’m slightly dreading this but if he gives me the green light I’m going to see if I can ease my way back into work, maybe doing a gradual return to full working days. I think it’s going to take me a while to get back into a routine; my sleeping patterns are still scattered but at least I can make a start to get back to some normality.

I really hope when I do go back, that I won’t regress back to how I’ve been. I’m so conscious of not getting myself into a state again so I don’t want to overdo anything or give myself too high an expectation.

Oh well, off to the library now. Here goes nothing..!

Sutz x

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