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Monday, Monday (Can’t Trust That Day…)

So it’s the start of a new week. Another week off work (signed off again). Really need to get myself together or at least to a place where I can socially interact with people again.

I got paid today, which is always good. Usually this time in January I’m on the bones of my arse waiting to be paid; counting down the days. Since I’ve not been working and/or doing anything productive, I’ve barely noticed it was coming. It’s a very strange feeling not to be completely focused on money. This isn’t to say I have much; it’s just that whilst being off work and ‘away from real life’ if you like, it’s liberating to not be thinking about it constantly or hearing other people talk about it all the time.

I’m still not sleeping properly but I’ve given myself the goal of actually having an almost-normal sleeping pattern by the end of this week. This didn’t really work out last night (ended up going to bed at 5:30am) and as I type this, it’s 1:24am. If I can aim for before 3am today and gradually take it down a half hour each day maybe this will work?

I’ve had to put my card-making on hold as my paper trimmer has broken so I’ve got to wait for a new one to arrive. I’ve been hand cutting to make a couple of gift bags for a new challenge but they’re not done yet (hopefully I’ll be posting them on here tomorrow).

I am feeling a lot more positive since I have signed myself up for the Proof-Reading/Copy-Editing course. It feels like I’ve made a choice that’s completely for me for a change. It’s been a while since this has happened. I’m just waiting for my course materials to arrive in the post and I can get started!

Also I’ve got mine and the boyf’s little weekend break to look forward to. I’m hoping the weather stays dry (despite the frost) so we can go for some nice walks. We’ve booked a nice meal for Saturday evening and I’m looking forward to a nice lazy breakfast on Sunday Morning 🙂

My mum is visiting on Wednesday and is bringing my 2 year old niece, Maya with her so I’m looking forward to that because I’ve not seen Maya since Christmas. She’s literally the most amazing thing ever. As her Mum is Danish, Maya is being brought up bilingual; she can speak both Danish and English already and randomly, can even count to ten in French and Japanese! She won’t turn three until the end of March but is already so clever. My favourite current story of her is that she told my Mum the other day that she wanted to be like “Kevin from Home Alone” because if she was home alone she could “eat all the chocolate and marshmallows” so my Mum was like:-

“But you’d be sad if you were on your own – you’d get scared.” and Maya thinks about it then says

“No I’d be okay. I’d eat all the sweets and then set traps for Grandad!”

She’s hilarious! I love her to pieces xxx


Well here’s to a positive week for us all!

Sutz xxx

One thought on “Monday, Monday (Can’t Trust That Day…)

  1. Bwahahahahaaaaaa……..set traps for Granddad!!! Oh, I just LOVE kids. They are an absolute riot!! Thank you so much for sharing that charming tale. I have a 6 yr old granddaughter who is a total delight. Sadly, because of complicated family situations, I haven’t seen her since November. 😦 Have fun getting ready for your getaway and have a great time while you are away!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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