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A Positive Step

I was talking to my boyfriend the other day about how I’ve been feeling recently and how I’ve felt really pessimistic about the future. One thing that kept coming up is how dissatisfied I am with my job and the industry I work in. I’ve always been a creative person; I loved poetry from an early age, English and Art were my favourite subjects and school and I studied Creative Writing at university; so how did I end up working in Finance?!

The problem is that there aren’t a huge amount of jobs out there these days and although I work for a really good company and I’m able to cover all of my bills as well as have money left over to do nice things, it doesn’t feel like enough. I feel like I’m just existing rather than living. Every day after work I feel emotionally drained and frustrated.

I always wanted to work in Publishing but there isn’t anywhere local where I have the opportunity to do this.

My boyf suggested I look online for any courses I can do that will enhance my creative skills and possibly get me involved in the likes of Proof Reading. This will be perfect for me as I’m a proud member of the Grammar Police Force (!) and love working with words and language.

So I’ve found a ‘Proof-Reading and Editorial Skills’ Course that I can do via distance learning which looks so interesting and right up my street. It can lead to work as a Freelance Proofreader or Copy-Editor, which would be amazing!

I requested a brochure on the website which very efficiently arrived this morning! I’ve had a read-through and I feel like I’d really benefit from this course so… I’ve signed up!

It wasn’t cheap but there was a 50% discount, if booking before February, so I’ve taken full advantage of that and have pulled out the credit card (which I vowed never to use again) so I’ll make sure I pay this off in installments.

I feel really positive about this and can’t wait to get started!

One thought on “A Positive Step

  1. That IS a positive step!! Congratulations. There must be all sorts of online opportunities for a certified member of the Grammar Police Force!! 🙂 Very excited for you and looking fwd to hearing more of your adventures down this hopeful path.
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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