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A Walk in Snowdonia

Today was the day I left the house properly. We decided to go to Wales for a nice walk and some lovely mountain fresh air. Along with my Mum and the dream dog, Paddy we set off. It was bloody freezing!

Thankfully the weather was mostly dry (which is a miracle for this time of the year in Wales) and the snow had cleared right up.

We went to a place called Beddgelert, which is in Snowdonia. It’s a little village reportedly named after the dog, Gelert. The story goes that Prince Llewelyn and his wife went out hunting and left their baby son with their trusty dog, Gelert (as you do). When they returned, the baby wasn’t in his cot and there was blood everywhere including around Gelert’s mouth. Devastated, Prince Llewelyn drew his sword and stabbed and killed Gelert as punishment for harming his child. Just as he did, the baby was heard crying and they found the boy in the corner with a dead wolf next to him. Gelert had killed the wolf to protect the baby.  The Prince buried Gelert and through guilt and sadness was said to never had smiled again.


So the village has a site purported to be Gelert’s grave and it’s marked with a stone. There is also a statue of Gelert.


The village is really pretty, surrounded by mountains with a stream running through it. So we had a nice walk along the stream and back. It was freezing but great to be out in the fresh air, as well as away from the hustle & bustle.


We also found a dog-friendly pub so that was a bonus to have a drink after the walk 🙂

Driving through Wales is always really lovely (even when the weather is shitty!). The scenery is amazing.

It’s strange because I remember moaning as a kid that we went there far too much. We never went abroad on holiday when I was little – mainly because my family couldn’t afford it. Liverpool is really close to Wales so we went pretty much every year. I think I used to just moan because school friends always went to Spain or Portugal and we went to Wales! That said, I don’t ever remember a time where we didn’t have a great holiday!

Now I feel really lucky that it’s like an hour and half’s drive away. Me & the boyf have decided we’ll find some longer, more tricky walks and try and go at least once a month.

Fresh air and being in the Middle-of-Nowhere is a good combo for a Saturday 🙂


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