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Goals for 2017

Now I’m not big on putting pressure on myself but I’ve decided to create some goals for this year. I’m still torn on whether to make this a monthly thing and how much I actually want to achieve each month but in general, my goals are all going to be creative ones. I definitely need more creativity in my life; the lack of creativity really gets me down and I’ve been quite lost since I stopped doing anything I enjoy so I’m hoping that this will build my confidence as well as give me something to focus on that makes me happy.

  1. I want to take some courses that are Art-based; I’ve been really loving water-colouring recently though truth be told, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing from a professional perspective! So I would love to improve this skill. I also want to learn more about photography. Lastly, I’d love to learn colouring with markers. I’ve bought some decent markers recently (yet to arrive but on their way) and would love to learn about shading etc. I’ve seen a few courses online at Craftsy but I’d also like to look to see if there’s anything local so I could meet some more people whilst learning something interesting.
  2. I want to get out and walk more. I live by a beach and several really nice parks. There are loads of coastal walks near me that I’d like to get involved with. It would be so good to get out and clear my head and get some proper fresh air. I could also go and pick up my mum’s dog Paddy and take him with me – he loves a good walk!
  3. I want to get back into my cooking again. I’ve always loved cooking but lately I’ve been so run down and tired that it’s been an absolute chore. I have a million cook books screaming to be used so I’m going to set some sort of goal where I cook a new recipe every so often (timescale pending) and at no point am I going to be concerned about the calories or fat in the meal. It won’t be something I do every day so if I end up eating something deliciously rich and creamy once in a while then it won’t do me any harm!
  4. I want to spend time with friends more. I would really like to go for tea or lunch with my best friends more. Even if it’s just once a month. Just to see each other outside of normal working hours would be really nice!
  5. I want to have a ‘date night’ at least once a month with my boyfriend. Not that we never go out – we totally do. But if we did something different each month – tried a new restaurant or went somewhere we’ve never been before then I think it’d do us good. It’s so easy to end up in the local pub or just go the pictures or to a bloody Wetherspoons. This is not quality time!
  6. I want to take part in a craft fayre. I’d love to have a little stall where I sell my cards. Nothing too fancy, just a table with my stuff. I’m thinking that when I’ve improved my artwork I can maybe do some little prints too. I’m thinking this goal won’t be achievable until the second half of the year but it’s in my sights!
  7. I would like to make a better go than last year of growing my own fruit and veg! Last year I managed courgettes and potatoes. This year I want to grow potatoes, carrots, peppers, strawberries, courgettes, spinach and tomatoes. I’ve learned a few lessons since last year re timings/conditions so I’m hoping I have a better turn-out this year. Oh and I need to plant more herbs. My basil plant got infested last year and died on its arse!
  8. I want to go somewhere I’ve never been. So many places. But achievable ones! There was a programme on around Christmas where the presenter, Paul O’Grady went to Germany on the fairy tale trail. Some of the places were stunning; little chocolate shop villages and amazing castles and forests. That would be ideal. I’d also like to go to Scotland – I can’t believe I’ve never been to Scotland! I’d really like to visit Edinburgh but also somewhere proper rural. Maybe a whisky distillery too. Actually, definitely a whisky distillery…
  9. I want to finish all the books I have that I’ve not read yet. I WILL DO THIS BEFORE I BUY ANY MORE BOOKS. I can read a book every couple of days but lately I’ve been totally distracted. I’ve got maybe 2 or 3 autobiographies to read. I’m in the middle of a crime thriller and have another 4 of them on my Kindle to read. I also have some history books to read as well as a Haruki Murakami novel that I bought ages ago but never got round to reading; I just put it in my bookcase next to the other novels of his that I have read. This will definitely be high up on my list of goals to achieve. I could even do a blog post about each book.
  10. Makes sense to pick 10 goals so for my final goal, I want to blog every day. Whether or not I get any more followers, or likes or whatever is irrelevant – I’m doing this as a way of expressing myself; being able to say things to that I can’t always talk about is really therapeutic. I can just pretend everyone’s listening!

So these are my goals. How I’m going to lay out the time-frames for each goal is another thing but I’ll post about it once I’ve figured it all out! One thing I do know is that I’m going to need a planner. So this means I can do my favourite thing in the world and go and shop for stationery!

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