My Crafting Desk

This is my little corner of therapy in the living room. We don’t have a lot of room in the house but I managed (with the help of Pinterest and IKEA) to design a small work area where I can do some crafting. I feel like I’ve spent a gazillion pounds buying all this stuff but I do really enjoy it and I’m hoping that I can sell some of my cards eventually.

So… I’ve spent the weekend organising my Stamps. I love to organise. If nothing else, I have control what happens with my stuff at this desk since nobody else touches it!


I also got this stuff in the post this morning so I’m going to make some cards which I’ll post later 🙂 Highlight of my day so far  🙂


Sutz xxx

2 thoughts on “My Crafting Desk

    1. I literally have just this desk and the shelf above it so it’s really hard to organise everything. I got a load of plastic CD wallets off ebay for really cheap and I had an white make-it-yourself box from IKEA so it was the cheapest and most-space saving way I could think to organise them. Dies are in a zipped organiser (Papercrafts) which was from Amazon. Good look with your organising! x

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