Depression - the monster on your back

Intro to my Blog

I have lived with depression & anxiety on-and-off throughout my life but it’s been quite bad for around four years now.

I try and cope with my illness with humour (debatable whether I’m actually funny or not) as well as doing my hobby, Paper Crafting. I took this up a few months ago with the thought that having a creative outlet would be therapeutic. It does seem to work as when I’m concentrating on making something from scratch it relaxes me and gives me confidence that I have something to offer.

In a world where every day can often feel the same, I think it’s important to have something creative to focus on. I’m not fortunate enough to have a job I enjoy so to be able to do something that I do enjoy when I’m at home is important to me. It’s also the only “me” time I get.

I’m hoping that this blog will be another outlet through which I can express my feelings and work towards figuring out how I can get through the dark times, as well as finding a way to appreciate the light.

Sutz xxx

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